How to use Akobo MM:

All commands (aside from borg-chat commands) are prefaced with !mm:

main chat commands:
!mm start: Starts up the game.
!mm startrandom: Starts up a random game. Random games have random #s of BO who don't know each other, and a few other qualities.
!mm join: Joins the game for you.
!mm quit: Quits the game. Only usable before Prep phase starts.
!mm startgame: Begins the game with the joined people.
!mm terminate: Blows up the game.
!mm settings: displays current game settings, along with directions on how to change them.
.swap Player1 Player2: Swaps the current player Player1 for Player2. Only usable by channel Ops and Akonyl.
.phaselen NUMBER: Sets the phase length to the specified number of minutes. Affects remaining time.

borg chat commands:
There are no longer any borg chat commands. Kills are done through PM command.
The last person who sends in a night kill is the killer: BO Ranking doesn't matter.
To stop a kill that's going on, just !mm clearactions.

PM commands:
!mm will: sends in your will to be displayed on death
!mm clearactions: wipes all actions you have for the phase
!mm history: causes Akobo to send you the last 5 or so results he sent you.
!mm status: causes Akobo to send you your current role/status information.

Sending in ability actions:
PM them to Akobo, in a format like
!mm interrogat akonyl
!mm vote Akonly
!mm SpecialInvestigate akonyl kill akonyl on night 2

You'll be told if Akobo wasn't able to make sense of your action. A few rules:
* Ability names are always one word. SpecialInvestigate, CrossExamine, etc.
* As shown above, Akobo does basic word recognition for players and ability names, so you don't have to worry too much about
"interrogates" vs "interrogate". Don't try to push your luck though.